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Shower Accessories

Great value shower accessories!

At Triton showers we have a large range of shower accessories to help spruce up your shower. Below you will find attractive prices on shower kits, shower heads, shower riser rails, shower hoses and fixed shower heads.

So if your shower kit is looking tired, or your shower head is blocked due to limescale or you need a longer shower hose to clean the children’s hair, why not browse the shower accessories below and take advantage of our next working day delivery.

Shower Accessories ranges

Single or multi pattern shower heads of all shapes, sizes and colours

Shower heads in all shapes, sizes and colours, suitable for mixer showers

Stainless steel double inter-locked shower hoses in different colours and lengths

Browse Triton's shower kits. All include a shower head, shower hose and riser rail.

Stylish and robust shower riser rails in different shapes and colours

Triton's shower arms cater for different installations, suited for fixed shower heads

Triton's range of shower head holders to suit all styles and colours